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No antibiotics, single product, or dermatological prescription will cure acne. However, acne can be controlled successfully and consistently. We empower you with the tools to keep your skin clear. 

befor and after acne therapy
before and after acne


A consultation is necessary at Integrative Aesthetics Boston to analyze your skin and make recommendations about your aesthetic options.

We will custom-design a home-care routine for you, as well as suggest lifestyle changes to follow to help you achieve clear, healthy and glowing skin. You will receive a comprehensive skin health report that includes skincare tips to ensure your skin stays clear and healthy. We may also recommend specific lifestyle adjustments essential for your result or management.

*Expect to buy for your first set of products at your first appointment. Our products are not included in the price of service. We do not offer services to clients that do not use our home care products.


After Initial Consultation

Our acne therapy treatment is different for each person, and it is dependent on your skin’s needs and tolerances, but in most cases, it includes exfoliation and comprehensive acne extractions. The type of exfoliation may include professional peels, enzyme peels, dermal hydra-infusion, intense pulse light, LED light therapy, micro-frequency or a combination of modalities.

Acne Therapy Treatment

Our acne treatments decongest the skin and give you a jumpstart to getting clear as quickly as possible. It typically takes about 3-6 months to clear if you stay on track with the in-clinic treatment, and customized skincare, and healthy lifestyle changes. We combine the power of cosmeceutical-grade home-care products, customized for your type of skin and acne severity. Health Coaching is part of each session.


(Discounted Series)

For best results, we recommend our Acne Correction Series Program customized to your skin’s needs in combination with home-care products and lifestyle changes.

Acne treatments can be performed every 2-3 weeks or every 4-6 weeks depending on your skin needs.  Our Acne Specialist will analyze your skin at the beginning of every visit to assess which treatment would serve you best, and determine what changes need to be made to your custom home care routine. It is important that we monitor your skin often to assess your progress and to check how your skin is responding to treatment. At that point, we will almost always adjust your home care, as your skin adapts to your current routine

* Products are not included in the price of service. We do not offer services to clients that do not use our home care products.



The collagen-induction treatment can provide great results by improving the appearances of the scars. The micro-channels create new collagen, elastin and new capillary growth, which improves circulation to the area helping create healthier existing skin as well as provide a healthy foundation for the new skin. The physical nature of micro-channeling is that it breaks up fibrous and uneven scar tissue and stimulates the growth of new tissue.

Currently, there are ablative and non-ablative treatments (such as laser treatments) offered, which may damage the epidermis and evaporate the skin leading to thinner epidermis problems. Micro-channeling keeps the skin integrity fully intact while treating the area, which quickens healing time and causes less pain.

**Each client is different and conditions will vary, the typical treatment regimen will consist of 3-6 treatments, every 4-6 weeks apart.


A unique (exclusive at Integrative Aesthetics Boston) Korean methodology that keeps the skin integrity fully intact while lifting uneven pigmentation to the surface and eliminating the damaged cells within 3~5 days after the treatment, which makes it an ideal treatment for acne scars, melasma, severely sun-damaged skin, hyper-pigmentation, and enlarged pores. 

male before and after resurfacing

The innovative treatment improves the overall skin tone and elasticity without the need of using ablative and non-ablative therapies (such as laser treatments), which may damage the epidermis and evaporate the skin leading to rebound hyper-pigmentation or dyscromias (alteration of the color of the skin). 

The Fractionated CaCO3 Resurfacing Treatment is composed of minute fractional CaCO3 molecules that penetrate the skin to activate the skin cell regeneration cycle while carrying active ingredients to damaged areas of the skin while stimulating collagen production without post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH) risk. Minimal downtime. Safe and effective. Suitable for most skin types.

**A series of 4 treatments every 4 weeks apart is recommended in most cases. A consultation is required before scheduling a treatment. 

skin consultation


Let's get this skin transformation started!

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