Uneven  Pigment Clinic 

Unique approach to hyperpigmentation

We have designed a program to restructure your skin and restore its health and vitality. If you are new to our Uneven Pigment Clinic is a powerful jump start to a new skin care routine, allowing us to work with you to achieve maximum results in minimal time. If you are an ongoing client, our Uneven Pigment Clinic is an excellent way to reevaluate your skin’s needs, boost your usual routine, and perfect your complexion. These are the most common hyperpigmentation cases we can treat:​


  • Post-Acne Hyperpigmentation  

  • Sun Damage Hyperpigmentation 

  • Post-Pregnancy Hyperpigmentation

  • PCOS Hyperpigmentation

  • Darker Skin Tones Hyperpigmentation

  • Melasma 

The skin you’ve always wanted is within reach. Your commitment to home care compliance combined with our dedication to providing advanced, customized, corrective skin treatments will synergistically create exceptional results. Everyone deserves vibrantly healthy skin. Integrative Aesthetics Boston makes it a reality.

Melasma, Sunspots, post-pregnancy mask, post-acne pigmentation, just looking to brighten, even out your complexion?
Book a skin analysis with our hyperpigmentation expert at Integrative Aesthetics Boston. 

A consultation is necessary at Integrative Aesthetics Boston to analyze your skin and make recommendations about your aesthetic options.


We will custom-design a home-care routine for you, as well as suggest lifestyle changes to follow to help you achieve clear, healthy and glowing skin. You will receive a comprehensive skin health report that includes skincare tips to ensure your skin stays clear and healthy. We may also recommend specific dietary, nutritional or lifestyle adjustments essential for your result or management.

Get your consultation FREE when you purchase products!

*Expect to purchase your first set of products at your first appointment. Our products are not included in the price of service. We do not offer services to clients that do not use our home care products.

After initial consultation

The tailored treatments harness the transformative power of custom-selected treatments or mixed modalities for a positive dramatic change in your skin. Each successive treatment builds upon the last, challenging the skin and pushing it to reach previously unattainable results.


Before your first treatment, you will use your custom skincare products at home for two weeks. These products have been specially selected to address your skincare concerns, and also condition your skin to ensure the best results possible from the series of treatments.

Discounted Series

Series of treatments and a system of home care products (determined at the time of consultation). Our program is tailor to each person's skin type, desired results, and skin aptitude. The treatments are scheduled two weeks apart, your skin treatments will help your skin to heal and regenerate itself, and the concluding treatment will balance and restore your newly refined complexion.

* Products are not included in the price of service. We do not offer services to clients that do not use our home care products.

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