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Acne Gene Expression

If you recognized that your lifestyle choices could change the expression of your genes without changing your DNA. Would you make better life choices?

The word “epigenetic” means “in addition to changes in genetic sequence.” This is exciting because it means that certain conditions are required for a specific gene to be turned on and therefore activated. That's right! Genes can be switched on and off.

For instance, even if you are genetically predisposed to have lung disease, it doesn’t mean you will. You have to create the conditions for this condition to thrive, by say, smoking a pack a day.

The same is true for acne and other skin problems. Maybe you are genetically coded to be able to express the acne gene. However, certain conditions must be satisfied for acne to appear. These conditions can be different for all individuals, which is why custom skin care and health coaching is essential. No one size fits all!

However, one underlying cause for acne is inflammation. Many factors can induce inflammation, but most of them are triggered by lifestyle choices, which means that you have the POWER to make better choices. Our acne coaching program can provide you with proven lifestyle tips to prevent/treat acne.

Did you know that only about 5% or less of genetic mutations result in disease – we are left with 95% of genes that can be influenced by other factors, like chronic stress.

Another factor that modulates gene expression is diet. A diet that is composed of high-refined carbs can promote high blood sugar, which damages your DNA. While other types of foods such as cruciferous vegetables can slow or even reverse DNA damage.

Chronic stress is another factor that is detrimental to the over-expression of over 700 genes, according to recent studies. Stress reduction, meditation, even positiveness can turn-off the expression of genes that are pro-inflammatory resulting in inflammation reduction. The epigenetic benefits during these studies were experienced almost immediately.

As a result of this exciting discovery, we can now understand why some individuals get acne later in life. Genes can be switched on and off. Acne is genetic for "true acne" as it continues throughout life. It does not stop after teenage years. However, acne can be induced by diet, supplementation, and lifestyle choices. Therefore, our choices are powerful in the way our genes are expressed. If you have acne prone skin it is best to learn to make the best choices to silence these pro-inflammatory genes.

Would you agree?

If you need help treating your acne, be sure to book your consultation online or in-person to get to the root-cause. We understand acne and how to balance the body to get clear skin!





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