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How Vitamin B12 Triggers Acne Lesions

Recent research has revealed that the infamous acne bacteria (P. acnes), Vitamin B12, and the skin microbiome have a close relationship.

The research found that when B12 is taken as a supplement, these bacteria stopped producing their own amount and instead begin producing porphyrin molecules. Porphyrins can generate inflammation and acne is triggered by inflammation at the beginning. Vitamin B12 alters the normal metabolic pathway and activity of the skin bacteria. Moreover, B12 supplementation can make someone with clear skin start breaking out. Evidenced by the increase in acne breakouts post vitamin B12 supplementation. When there is an elevated B12 level, it leads to an overproduction of porphyrins by P. acnes. Porphyrins can induce inflammation and acne lesions.

The Bottom Line

Too much of a good thing can be problematic. Avoid supplements that have high doses of vitamin B12 in them (i.e., 500% daily value). For those of you that already have low-B12 levels or are vegan or vegetarians, there are different alternatives to increase these levels without having to take an oral supplement and triggering acne breakouts.

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