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Noemi Paola, Skin Care & Functional Medicine Practitioner

With over ten years of combined professional experience in different realms, including medical, medspa, and integrative health, Noemi Paola, Corrective Skin Care Master, and Functional Medicine Practitioner employ her exclusive system of corrective topical skin care products, advanced skin treatments, and comprehensive testing to find the possible root cause of chronic inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, intestinal & hormonal imbalances that contribute to chronic skin problems such as acne, rosacea, hair loss, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging.

Besides providing advanced aesthetic treatments, she looks at the underlying factors influencing healthy and glowing skin, including diet, genetics, and underlying health imbalances. Noemi blends professional training in aesthetics, nursing, integrative, and functional medicine to achieve optimal wellness for her clients.

Her safe and innovative methods for treating chronic skin conditions like acne have seen her gain a loyal skin following. Having successfully overcome her cystic acne and pigmentation problems, Noemi innately understands how it feels and continues to help her clients overcome it.

​Clients often seek Noemi out after failed attempts to address their skin problems with multiple practitioners. Noemi employs motivational interviewing and active listening when working with her clients, who are active participants in their progress. Noemi is equipped with a wealth of knowledge, advanced technology, and resources to achieve consistent and transforming results.


Continuously evolving with her education in integrative health, skin science, and cosmetic chemistry, Noemi keeps up to date with current research. She strives to offer her devoted clients the best aesthetic treatments, advanced testing, and skincare products. 

Integrative Aesthetics Boston is the culmination of years of research and scientific knowledge.

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