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Myths And Truths About Large Pores


~ GENETICS: Predominantly, our genetics determines the size of our pores. Changing our parents could help this but is probably not a feasible solution.

~ EXCESSIVE SEBUM PRODUCTION: Individuals with oilier skin will generally have a larger pore size. Excessive sebum production will keep pores filled with a layer of oil that accentuates their appearance.

~ AGE/LAXITY: As we age, our pore size can start to appear even more significant due to the laxity and gravity pulling down on the skin.

~ IS NOT DIRT: Sometimes there is debris in the pore, but most of what you are seeing is oxidized oil, not dirt. If the pore is clogged, the sebum will dilate the pore-making it wider than it's normal size.


~ OPEN & CLOSE: Not true! They dilate like your pupils and can go from narrow to wide or wide to narrow. Steam can help loosen the oil inside pores, and cold water or other treatments can tighten them, but they don’t open and close because unlike the erector pili muscle which creates a "goose bump," our pores do not have muscle.

~ STEAM OPEN PORES: Nothing can open pores for the same reasons mentioned above. Steam, however, does soften the sebum inside the pore which is why sometimes is used in facials before extractions. However, steam can disrupt the protective skin barrier. If you have acne or rosacea skin, never steam your face without discussing it with your skin care professional first.

~ PORE STRIPS WORK! Not so much...they only remove the top layer of the clogged pore. Pore strips can also cause spider veins and broken capillaries on areas with thinner skin. And if you use a nose strip over a damaged pore, it could tear the skin and leave a scar. Ouch!

~ BLACKHEADS ON MY NOSE: There is a difference between a "blackhead" and a "sebaceous filament." A sebaceous filament is a perpetual darker pore on the nose or chin that fills with oil, the difference between the two is that a blackhead would be larger (we can extract this). Let's face reality, we all have them to some extent, and if removed, they will come back within a week.


We cannot change the size of our pores, but we can take measures to make them appear smaller. If the pores are, in fact, clogged, scheduling a purifying facial treatment that combines gentle exfoliation to get rid of excess sebum, oxidation, and blackheads, with meticulous extractions, and light-therapy are ideal.

Our Vitamin-A Serum encourages skin cell turnover to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells in pores. One of the most effective pore minimizers is Collagen-Induction Therapy with Radio Frequency. When we increase collagen production, skin becomes denser, and pores get tighten, so they appear smaller.

During your Skin Analysis and Consultation, we'll figure out which treatment is right for you!

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